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### Kentin Jivek: A Detailed Biography

**Kentin Jivek** is a French musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist known for his unique blend of folk, ambient, and electronic music. His work often explores mythological and esoteric themes, creating a sound that is both haunting and evocative. Below is an in-depth look at his career, albums, and contributions to the music world.

#### Early Career and Musical Evolution
Kentin Jivek began his musical journey in the late 2000s, performing in various configurations ranging from trios featuring violin, percussion, and guitar to duets incorporating guitars, samples, and keyboards. This diverse instrumental approach has allowed him to develop a refined and distinctive musical style.

#### Albums and Notable Works
1. **Eight New Prophecies (2009)**
   - This album marked one of Jivek's early significant works, receiving positive reviews for its intricate compositions and thematic depth. It set the tone for his future explorations into mythological and existential.

2. **Ode to Marmaele (2010)**
   - Critically acclaimed for its haunting beauty and oddity, "Ode to Marmaele" solidified Jivek's reputation in the neo-folk and ambient music scenes. The album was well-received in various European countries and highlighted his ability to blend acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly.

3. **Now I'm Black Moon**
   - This album continued Jivek's exploration of dark, introspective themes. It includes tracks that delve into personal and universal struggles, set against a backdrop of rich, ambient soundscapes.

4. **Third Eye (2012)**
   - "Third Eye" reflects Jivek's continued evolution as an artist, with compositions that explore spiritual and metaphysical concepts. The album combines his signature folk elements with experimental electronic sounds.

5. **Blue Zaxon (2021)**
   - Released after a period of prolific creativity, "Blue Zaxon" showcases Jivek's matured sound. The album blends folk, ambient, and electronic music with lyrical themes inspired by myth and mysticism.

6. **The Seahorse Complexe (2022)**
   - This recent work highlights Jivek's continued innovation in sound design and composition. The album is noted for its complex arrangements and deep thematic content, reflecting his ongoing artistic growth.

#### Collaborations and Live Performances
Kentin Jivek has collaborated with numerous international artists, further enriching his musical repertoire. Some notable collaborations include:
- **The Hare And The Moon
- **Miro Snejdr
- **Arash Akbari**: Worked together on "Prison Of Love," blending ambient soundscapes with emotive melodies.
- **Kjell Braaten**: Collaborated on the track "Io," which combines traditional folk elements with modern electronic production.

Jivek has performed extensively across Europe, including in England, Spain, Greece, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Iceland, Romania and France. His live performances are known for their atmospheric and immersive quality, often incorporating a variety of instruments and visual elements to enhance the audience's experience.

#### Musical Style and Influence
Kentin Jivek's music is characterized by its fusion of neo-folk, ambient, and electronic elements. His work often features acoustic guitar, violin, percussion, and modular synthesizers, creating a rich and textured sound. Thematically, his music delves into mythology, esotericism, and personal introspection, making his compositions deeply resonant and thought-provoking.

#### Future Directions
As Jivek continues to evolve as an artist, his future projects are likely to explore new sonic territories while maintaining his core aesthetic of blending the acoustic with the electronic, and the traditional with the avant-garde. His commitment to thematic depth and musical innovation suggests that his upcoming works will continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

For more information about Kentin Jivek and his music, visit his [official website](10), or explore his discography and latest releases on platforms like [Bandcamp](10) and [Spotify](11).

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